A True American Story

Rickey`s World Famous Sauces have been used in our restauraunts and sold to the public for more than 20 years. These are the same savory sauces used in the Rickey`s restaurant which are immensely popular in the state of Florida. The restaurant’s reputation was built by providing quality food and service to it’s customers.

Through the years, the name “Rickey`s” has become synonymous with excellent chicken wings. Today the Rickey`s restaurants serve more than 515,000 pounds of wings each year. The sauces served on these famous chicken wings are especially formulated sauces manufactured in Louisiana – Cajun Land.

The Rickey`s sauces are unsurpassed in quality. They will produce a consistent chicken wing about which all consumers rave. The Mitchell family boasts that their sauce contains at least 40 percent cayenne pepper . No other brand made in America has more cayenne pepper.
All of the products found in the Rickey`s site are made in America , and all are of the highest quality. Our hot sauces are truly the finest sauces made in the United States. You will find these products distributed worldwide under the Rickey`s and St.Martinville labels.

Each label contains products formulated to meet specific flavor profiles. The various labels are marketed as a package program and together compose the Rickey`s Hot Sauce Program.

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